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The truth about health and fitness.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) almost half (42.5% in 2018) of adults in the US are obese – and almost 75% are overweight. A lot of those people want to lose weight, get fit, healthy – but they don’t know how, or they can’t stick to it. Why? Because health and fitness can be confusing, there are so many choices and systems – and how do you know you are doing what’s right for you? The truth is, by improving your fitness, you increase your chances to move from sickness to wellness in a sustainable way. This means improvements in the way you look and feel, health biomarkers, immune system support, mental health and more. At [XYZ GYM] we want you to be both — fit AND healthy — and our programs and coaches will help move you steadily in that direction. Continue reading to find out how.

Fitness should be personal, even in a group.

Functional fitness has become increasingly popular over the last decade… but there is one fatal flaw with most group fitness programs: everyone does the same workout! At our gym, we use a revolutionary system called Level Method. It allows us to customize each workout for you individually, so that you’re always doing the workout just right for you. This is what is missing in the chaos of regular functional fitness gyms, with us we will assess your fitness so we can get a great starting point, we make sure to address specific weaknesses, and progress you towards your goals in a fun, safe and effective way.

Destroying the intimidation factor.

We get it, it can be intimidating to work out alongside others who are more fit than you. It might feel like you need to “get in shape” before joining the gym. But you can absolutely rest assured that we have a workout ready for every single level. Even if you are an absolute beginner, totally out of shape, we have a workout for you. If you are incredibly fit, we have a workout for you, because our group classes are always tailored to your level. In the same class, you’ll have beginner and advanced folks working side by side, doing a workout appropriate to each. Combine this with a community of people who want everyone to be better, stronger, and healthier, you get a life changing combination.

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