Personalized nutrition coaching

the journey towards a better body starts in your pantry. look and feel your best by changing your eating habits and cooking healthier meals at home.

Why Nutrition Coaching at CrossFit Kennesaw?

You spend a fraction of your time each week at the gym. in many ways what you do outside of the gym matter more than what you do while you’re here. We designed our nutrition programs at CrossFit Kennesaw to be flexible and sustainable. Get the results you want faster than training alone.

What We Can Offer You


Your nutrition coach works with you to ensure you meet your goals. They're constantly checking in and making adjustments based on your feedback and results.

Nutrition Plans Customized

We supply you with a nutrition plan that works best with your lifestyle and busy schedule.

Data-Driven Feedback

If we can measure it, we can use it to fine-tune your nutrition and workout plan. We provide you with the TOols and techniques you need to see the progress you're making.