General CrossFit Classes – Open to all CrossFit Members

Fast & Strong

Endurance training meets CrossFit. Open to all Fast & Strong members and CrossFit members with Specialty add on.

CrossFit Kids

Fun exciting classes designed to teach the kids how to move properly and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Our CrossFit program especially for those 55 & up

Swing Fit

Swing Fit is our kettlebell-focused CrossFit program. The same functional movement and endurance benefits using kettlebells as our primary tool. General fitness and sports options in every class.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is the basis for health and fitness and is the foundation for your performance not only in CrossFit but life in general.

Private Training

Work with our trainers one-on-one to help you progress and achieve your goals.


At CrossFit Kennesaw, our goal is to provide fitness solutions for every budget level. Learn more about our membership and pricing options below.

Discover what you're capable of.