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Our group kettlebell classes are fun, challenging, and effective!

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What is Swing Fit?

Kettlebells are some of the most versatile fitness tools around. In Swing Fit, we use the kettlebell as our primary (but not only!) strength tool for a fun and unique fitness experience.

Endurance and Strength

Lifting kettlebells improves cardiovascular endurance, muscle stamina, core strength, and balance. With a kettlebell workout, you get the benefits of endurance and strength work combined into one fun workout session!

Learn from the Best

Our Swing Fit Program Director is a World Champion Kettlebell Sport Masters Athlete, and holds multiple kettlebell and kettlebell sport certifications. In Swing Fit, you'll learn proper kettlebell form and technique so you can safely get the results you're looking for.

Fun Supportive Community

We have a lot of fun in Swing Fit classes! Our Swing Fitters enjoy learning new things, finding new challenges, and supporting each other. Some of our members compete in kettlebell sport; others are in Swing Fit for general fitness; ALL are learning and having fun together!

Get Results

Whatever your goals are, kettlebell workouts can help you get achieve them! Every workout is individually tailored to what you're wanting to achieve.

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