Once upon a not-so-distant time, a little wristband inscribed with WWJD – “What Would Jesus Do?” – became a guiding light for many in moments of moral quandary. But now, let’s take that principle, give it a wellness spin, and ask ourselves: “What Would a Healthy Person Do?” or WWHPD, if you will.

Picture this: It’s a bright Monday morning, and Bob—a dedicated office hero known for surviving on coffee and donuts—has an epiphany. Between bites of a glazed donut, he notices his coworker, Linda, content with a bright green smoothie. He pauses, the donut halfway to his mouth, an idea brewing. “What if,” he thinks to himself, “I start making choices based on what a healthy person would do?”

Thus, Bob embarks on a quest to emulate the habits of the mythical creature known as “The Healthy Person.” He imagines this person’s actions like scenes from an epic tale, where every choice leads to the promised land of vitality.

Scene 1: The Breakfast of Champions

Healthy Person (HP) opts for a breakfast that could fuel their day—think protein, healthy fats, and some leafy greens. Non-Healthy Person (NHP), however, sees breakfast as a snooze button—grabbing a sugary pastry that leaves them crashing before lunch.

Scene 2: The Mighty Hydration

HP carries around a water bottle as if it’s their Excalibur, sipping frequently to slay the dragons of dehydration. NHP pledges allegiance to the soda machine, mistaking temporary caffeine boosts for actual energy.

Scene 3: The Workout Saga

HP sees movement as a joyous journey, finding ways to walk, stretch, or sneak in a quick workout, turning their body into a temple. NHP, on the other hand, views their swivel chair as a permanent throne, ruling the lands of Email and Spreadsheet.

Scene 4: The Quest for Sleep

HP treats their bedtime routine like a sacred ritual, leading to the kingdom of restorative slumber. Meanwhile, NHP binge-watches the latest series until the wee hours, waging war against their own circadian rhythms.

Scene 5: The Balanced Plate

At lunch, HP’s plate is a rainbow of nutrients, each color a knight defending their well-being. NHP’s plate, in contrast, is a monochromatic ode to beige, processed foods marching in lockstep to dull their senses.

Scene 6: The Stress Shield

HP practices the ancient arts of meditation and mindfulness, wielding them as shields against the stress beasts. NHP, besieged by constant connectivity, rarely lifts their head from the siege of notifications.

As Bob contemplates these vignettes, he realizes that becoming HP isn’t about grand gestures or drastic life overhauls. It’s about asking that simple question before each choice: WWHPD?

Would HP take the stairs or the elevator? Would HP pack a lunch or rely on the mercy of vending machines? Would HP get that extra hour of sleep or stay up for one more episode of “Game of Phones”?

Armed with these questions, Bob finds himself making small, healthy choices. He starts by swapping his donut for oatmeal and his elevator rides for stair climbs. Bob notices that these choices, though seemingly tiny, are starting to accumulate like a snowball rolling down a hill, gathering size and momentum.

Soon enough, Bob starts to feel better, his energy lasting longer than the lifespan of his morning coffee. His fellow busy professionals start to take note. Bob becomes an unintentional wellness guru, sparking a movement in the office as others begin to don imaginary WWHPD bracelets.

And while Linda, the unwitting muse of Bob’s transformation, sips her smoothie, she can’t help but smile at the positive changes rippling around her. Bob, who once embodied the antithesis of health, is now leading the charge towards it, one humorous and heartwarming scene at a time.

So as you sit in the glow of your screen, perhaps contemplating your next snack or debating tonight’s plans, ask yourself the question that might just start your own journey: What Would a Healthy Person Do? It’s the beginning of a story where you’re both the hero and the narrator, and the next chapter is yours to write.