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Welcome to CrossFit Kennesaw, where fitness, strength, confidence, and fun converge!  Crossfit Kennesaw is an established Crossfit facility located in the shadow of Kennesaw Mountain, in Marietta, Georgia.  We have been part of the Marietta/Kennesaw community since June of 2010.  We welcome all levels of fitness and our classes are scalable to your abilities.  Our members range from National level competitors, to fresh off the couch, and everything in between.  Our entire coaching staff is certified in many areas of expertise including Olympic Lifting, Sport Kettlebell Lifting, Crossfit Kids, and Strength and Conditioning for Sport.  So if you are looking to get into shape, lose weight, gain strength, or be the next "Fittest on Earth", come in today and be part of our community. 

Fast and Strong 

Are you an endurance athlete who wants to improve their race times? Or a CrossFitter who struggles to get through a mile run? If so, consider adding Fast & Strong into your training regimen to find the balance your body has been missing!

F&S is strength and conditioning program open to all fitness levels. It is designed to increase proficiency with bodyweight movements, core strength, mobility, and overall strength and stamina. The program is ideal for those who prefer to skip the technical (Olympic) lifting, but truly desire to improve their endurance and conditioning.

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Workout Of The Day

  • Tuesday 5/5/15

    Happy Cinco De Mayo!  Come on in and get your training, before your evening festivities. Strength: Squats 6 x 2 @ 80% MetCon: Running clock for both couplets.  Score is total time 2 RFT Run x 400m HSPU x 15 FB-Deficit HSPU (45# plate each side) x 15 Scale- Strict DB Press x 15 2 RFT Run x 400m HRPU x 15

  • Monday 5/4/15

    Strength: 7 Min. EMOM C & J x 2 @ 70-75% MetCon: 5 RFT Front Squats (205/135, 155/105) x 6 C2B Pull-ups x 6 Auxiliary: Band Wood Chops 4 x 10/10

  • Sunday 5/3/15

    Strength: Strict Press + Push Press + Split Jerk 6 x 1 + 1 +1 Work up to as heavy as a strict press as you can handle.  Even if you normally do the Power Jerk, work on the Split Jerk.  There is a reason that 99% of Olympic Lifters do the Split Jerk. MetCon: Buy In: Row x 500m 4 RFT Burpees x 9 Ball Slams x 15 Sit-ups with Slam Ball x 21 Cash out: Row x 500m Auxiliary: Ring Support Holds 4 x 20 sec. Ring Dips 4 x 8-10

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